Laser tag is offered for a mnimum of 4 people.  $2.50 per round as an add on to arcade time.  $3.00 for just laser tag without arcade time.

We allow 4-6 people on the battlefield at one time.  Larger groups can play but must switch out on the battlefield after each round.  You can have as many as 30 people but they must switch out with each round.

Laser tag is offered weather permitting.

The field is outside and is 2000 square feet.  

A laser tag round lasts 5-7 minutes.  Each player can take 5 hits before they are knocked out of the round.  Each round includes 3 regenerations for each player.  

We have Cobra laser tag guns.  This is not a glow in the dark course. This is an outdoor battle course. 


Team vs. Team

Battle Royale (Hunger Games)

Hold the Bunker

Protect the VIP

outdoor laser tag

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22210 Loop 494

Kingwood, TX 77339