$10 per person or $25 per family of 4 for 3 hours of arcade time.  Minimum of 20 participants.  1/2 of entry goes to your group.  PTA, Spirit Nights, Youth Groups, Boy Scouts.  $25 deposit to hold event time.  Call for more details.  936-650-7900.

Lock In!

$50 per person.  Minimum $400.  8 people (or less) for $400.  More than 8 people, each additional $50. 11:30pm - 6am, last pick up 6:15am.  Any night.  Must have advance reservations.  Arcade, LAN center, mini golf, board games.  

Live action role playing games

Experience the unique thrill of role playing games in person.  

Call of Cthulhu

Investigate and stop the forces of Cthulhu working together as a group.  Take the role of an investigator, police officer, magician, thug, soldier, private detective, student or professor.  Can you stop the forces of Cthulhu before it's too late?  Stories based in roaring 20's era.  Try your best to keep your sanity......  

4-8 players

Dungeons and Dragons
Can your group of mighty heroes save the village?  Play the role of fighter, wizard, cleric, ranger, rogue, or barbarian.  Use your wits to defeat the monsters and gain treasures.  Stories based in the fantasy realms of the middle ages.

4-8 players

Reservations required.

Games directed by our game master with over 20 years of experience!  Games last approximately 2 hours.  

Character sheets created.  No books to buy or rules to pre-learn.  Players may keep character sheets after the game to enjoy further adventures.
​ All Ages!  

$15 per player.  4 person minimum.